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Can you use dish liquid to wash a car?

Dish liquid is actually one of the best window and car rim cleaners. In order to clean these areas correctly, though, you’ll need the right tools and a few tips.

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is an important part of keeping it running. Dish liquid is ideal to clean your car rims and windows. So, it helps to make your car look better and gets rid of grime, debris and salt from the road. In order to clean these areas correctly, we provide you with a few helpful tips.

Washing Car Windows and Car Rims: Tools Required

When washing car rims and car windows, you’ll need:

  • One bucket
  • A soft sponge and a brush
  • Absorbent cloths
  • Squeegee
  • Garden hose
  • Microfiber towel

Step by Step: Cleaning Car Rims and Windows

  1. Park the car in the shade to prevent premature drying.
  2. Make sure all windows and doors are shut.
  3. Fill the bucket with warm water, then add a few drops of dish liquid.
  4. Use the soft sponge and soapy water to scrub the windows, then squeegee the window, wiping off the blade every time with an absorbent cloth.
  5. Wipe around the edges of the window to remove excess liquid.
  6. Spray the car rims with the garden hose.
  7. Scrub the rims using the soft sponge and brush, then rinse with the hose.
  8. Dry with the microfiber towel.


Parking the car in the shade keeps it out of the sun, which can dry the soap on your windows and rims quickly, creating spots that are hard to get rid of. Before turning off the vehicle, make sure all of the windows are up, then check each door to see if they are completely shut.

Cleaning Car Windows

Wait until the car has completely cooled off, then fill up a bucket of warm (not hot) water. Add a few drops of dish liquid to the bucket. Always start by washing the windows. The rims are often extremely dirty from the road and will require more scrubbing. Starting with the windows first helps eliminate the need to get fresh dish liquid and water again.

Cleaning Car Rims

Your garden hose can help remove a lot of debris, preventing extra scrubbing. Make sure you use the hose on every rim, but then get down and scrub hard with the sponge and brush to make sure all of the debris and stains are removed. Rinse off each rim as you complete the washing process. Don’t wait until all the rims are washed, as the soap could dry and create spots. Drying the rims with a microfiber towel also helps you avoid spots, but also gets rid of much of the moisture, which can cling to dirt and make your ride look dirty again.

It’s important to not use dish liquid for washing a car’s body, but it can be used on the windows and rims. Follow these steps to get it done right.

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