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Our packaging ambition

Key Facts

In a circular economy, resource consumption can be reduced if materials are kept within the cycles of the economy for as long as possible.

Our mission is to include materials from sustainable sources and use a smart design to close the loop.

All our Pril bottles are recyclable.

We believe that progress towards sustainability in packaging will only be possible if organizations from all stages in the packaging value chain work together to drive innovation in packaging development and to improve the recycling infrastructure allowing for a circular economy.


Henkel considers its products along their entire life cycle: from raw materials to disposal or recycling of packaging materials. In order to reduce waste, our packaging developers are constantly working on packaging that uses as little material as possible and materials for which public recycling systems exist.


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  • Our formulas are safe, made without any animal derived ingredients, compatible with human health and the environment. 

  • All our formulas are resource efficient and provide you with strong cleaning results. 

  • Our responsibiliy along the entire value chain includes optimizing our transport and logistics processes in terms of environmental compatibility and resource efficiency.