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Life Cycle Journey

Sustainability is an important topic for Henkel. We consider our products along their entire life cycle: from raw materials to disposal or recycling of packaging materials. Since 2008 we have committed that all our products have to contribute to sustainability in at least one focal area. The goal is to increase the value of our product and simultaneously reduce their environmental footprint. 

Henkel believes it is their mission to provide consumers with high performance dishwashing products while improving the production process and offering smart packaging solutions. In order to reduce waste, our packaging developers are constantly working on packaging that uses as little material as possible and materials for which public recycling system exist. By 2025 Henkel aims for 100% of our packaging to be recyclable or reusable. Furthermore, we aim to reduce the amount of virgin plastics from fossil sources in our consumer products by 50%. We will achieve this by increasing the proportion of recycled plastic to more than 30%, by reducing the plastic volume, and by increasingly using bio-based plastics. 

Download the infographics to learn more about our products life cycle journey

More Topics

  • Our formulas are safe, made without any animal derived ingredients, compatible with human health and the environment. 

  • All our formulas are resource efficient and provide you with strong cleaning results. 

  • Our responsibiliy along the entire value chain includes optimizing our transport and logistics processes in terms of environmental compatibility and resource efficiency.