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Kitchen Hacks

Wanna have fun and also be clever while doing the dishes? It's possible! With our Dishwashing Hacks and Games. Get inspired and share your new experiences with your family and friends to also make their daily dishwashing easier.

Feed the Dishwashing Monster

Turn the front of your dishwasher into a funny  animal face by using adhesive foil. Now feed the cleaning animal together with your children. Whether lion, elephant or bunny your creative ideas are limitless. Tell your children that the animal has to be fed and share a picture of your idea on social media to inspire other parents too.

Dishwasher Sharing

Share your dishwasher with your neighbours and friends and make dishwashing more sustainable. While you’re waiting for the clean dishes you can even share a meal and get closer together. Nice for singles & students.

Afraid of the mess? Dont be!

After you've finshed your #enjoytogether moment you don't need to worry about the dirty dishes.
With Pril the dishes will be easyily clean again!
Our powerful formular cleans even the thoughest dirt like grease and burnt-in so that you can enjoy the time with your loved ones even more!